Wordless Wednesday Masak Asam Pedas :P


1.       Fish (Ikan Merah/Bawal Hitam/Parang/Tenggiri etc.)  3 – 5 pcs.
2.       Dried chillies 3-4 table spoon up to you how hot you want it to be
(soak till soft, clean then blend)
3.       Curry leaves (5-7 pcs)
4.       Shallots (5-8 pcs)
5.       Shripm paste/Belacan (as big as your thumb not too much)
6.       Fennel seeds (1 tea spoon – pound)
7.       Cooking oil (2-3 table spoon)
8.       Salt (up to you)
9.       Turmeric powder (2 table spoon)
10.   Tamarind (just take as big as golf ball then mix it with 1-3 cups of water depend how you want your gravy)
11.   Lady finger ( 4 stem – tips choose smaller one)


Clean the fish (using salt/calamansi/tamarind). Once clean, mix the fish with turmeric. Pound, shallots & shrimp paste (belacan) together using “lesung batu” (see picture below). Then, pound your fennel seeds separately. Put aside. Cut the lady finger (up to you, some people like it in the whole stem, if it's too long just cut it to 2 or 3 parts).

Heat your pot with minimal heat. Pour the cooking oil, then sauté the shallots & shrimp paste (belacan).  When the color starts to turn to yellowish (at this time the shrimp paste and shallot's smell will spread), then pour the blended chili, curry leaves and fennel seeds (stir until the chili and other ingredients cooked well), at this point slowdown your fire, add in the fish slices (stir carefully with the fried ingredients) let it cook for about a minute, then add in your tamarind water. Stir well and when the gravy is boiling, add in some salt and ajinomoto (up to you).

Lastly before you put out the fire, add in the lady fingers. And your "Masak Asam Pedas" is ready to serve J.

TIPS: You may also add in sliced ginger flower/slice of lemon grass

Nuzime Si Pari Pari Putih

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  1. feewit...terbaik la resipi..sy sukee sgt asam pedas..boleh cuba buat sdri pasni..yummy! hehe

  2. suka letak bendi lebih....terliur tgk...;p

  3. ah sedap nye febret nie.. boleh try resepi nie :)

  4. hi salam kenal.. mak aihh sodapnya asam pedas tu..

  5. Salam,

    kak Ros memang suka sangat masak asam pedas ni.....eeemmmmm....sedapnya

  6. waaaa...rindu nak makan asam pedas nenek buat

  7. Jom ke Melaka makan masak asam..