Oh! My English!!!

Assalamualaikum and salam Jumaat to my dearest readers... first of all HOW ARE YOU TONIGHT? Hope you have a pleasant day as you usually do ^_^. Let's not nagging to much... i just can't wait to share with you peps, my latest entry... OH! MY! ENGLISH!! (ko ader ??)

Sometimes, broken English makes you easy to remember... i do speak broken English with my bosses, my co-worker.. (and really it makes so much fun...) Sometimes, when i'm not sure what the words to pop out from my lips, there goes my broken English... ha ha ha.. but why bother?? Do you think the others speaks perfect English?? I doubt so... (correct me if i'm wrong)...

So no worries, "practice makes perfect" don't be shy to speak, nor write English, even tho you are not sure what you were saying... (trust me for the rest of my life, I've been mixed with Western people, who don't really know a word of Bahasa Malaysia...) and guess what?? I survive he he he, it all needs effort. So... go for it! speak English... it helps you explores the world out there... and you'll be surprise if one day,  you speak fluent English...

My experience during an interview with CALTEX Malaysia as a front desk officer:
Interviewer: What's your fathers occupation...
Me: Oh! My dad is a Farewell Officer... (ha ha ha) supposedly it should be Welfare Office...
Interviewer: Excuse Me??? 
Me: OH! MY! ENGLISH!!!!!
(And guess what? Out of 5 candidates, I GOT THE JOB! Never look down yourself) ~

"Success is simple. Do what is right, the right way, at the right time!"


Nuzime Si Pari Pari Putih

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  1. hahahaha... berair mata tergelak..

  2. Yup yup, practice makes perfect. Which is why I never blog in Malay. All my blogs are written in English. :D

  3. yeah..practice makes perfect..insyaallah i will wrote in english after this..insyaallah :)

  4. practice makes perfect that's right..

  5. OH! My English!

    Never feel worry to explore your own potential even u have to broken your english. lol

  6. hahahahhaha lawak laaa!!

  7. hahaha...lawak la entri PPP nieh...letter tijah tu da pena bace tapi tetap nak gelak lagi....hahahaha