I Feel Nothing | I Am Not Me Anymore...

In the middle of my birthday party, surrounded by friends and yet I feel more isolated than ever. I think its time to revert to the old me. The one that kept to herself. I love my friends, but I am not me anymore. I don’t have that connection to myself I so desperately need.

I feel nothing, but him.
I wish I could let go, but those memories seem to haunt me. I seem to be so willing to let them in.

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December 7 2012
2.28 am 

Nuzime Si Pari Pari Putih

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  1. oit ko jangan jdi psiko ley tak

    #ingt balik aku kat kat fb, y jul kate...

  2. mama, meh dengaq lagu kita nyanyi untuk mama :D

    sekat sini

  3. happy besday... hope everything ok... all friends always with u