Miss The Happy Moment

We met online, had a good time, chatted again, and became good friends. Time went on and we're still here and i truly believe you're someone dear! Here's something i'd like to share with you, for all of your love and kindness too. It's a symbol of the friendship we share together, a friendship i hope will last forever. And although we live so far apart.. Always remember you hold a piece of my heart!


Nuzime Si Pari Pari Putih

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  1. semoga persahabatan kalian berkekalan

  2. Ha open pun blog sis.. semalam 2x aida datang tak dapat masuk. Aurrrr rindu semua org dalam video nie.. semua terbaik :)

  3. hye mama... sihat..? dah lama x jenguk mama... =)
    bru je lepas tgk video tu.. hehe

  4. jeles tgk bideo.. why aq xde.. uwaa.. nnt kta mkn hamster..

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